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Garage Door Springs Repair

Garage door springs are the part of your garage door that lets the garage door opener slide the door closed and opened. The springs allow you to easily open your garage door though it may weigh over two hundred pounds. This is because it equalizes the weight of your garage door but with time, springs are bound to wear out. At Garage Door Springs Repair Dallas, we do garage door spring replacement and repair broken garage door springs whether they are torsion springs or extension springs.

Repairing torsion and extension springs is not safe for you; leave it to the experts!

Garage Door Springs Repair DallasIn case you were thinking of doing garage door spring repair by yourself, you should be aware that it can be extremely risky. This is because there is so much tension stored in a spring and this energy is powerful enough to throw you off or also damage your car. Contact us when your springs are getting rusty to ensure you are safe and our technicians will leave you completely satisfied. They have the knowledge and skill to safely disengage the spring and this is not easy, as for most garage doors you have to dismantle garage door parts to fix the springs.

Good garage door springs maintenance will help your springs serve you for longer

Though springs eventually do need replacement after a while, increase their lifespan by letting us do the maintenance for you. We look to saving you time and energy by making sure that your garage door springs do not break due to wear and tear, rust or poor service. We are available all around Dallas and our technicians are all reliable when it comes to overhead garage door springs repair as well. We store the best brands in spare parts and keep our clients happy by being reliable and efficient. Our maintenance services include lubrication of springs and this is done periodically to save money on springs that would otherwise need replacement in a short period of time.

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